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Stipare et Shipping

Shipping Methodi quantitas  Measns of Transport Shipping Time Satus ac Destination
Per Express Minoris ordinis et medii ordinis sectam ut 50-100pcs DHL 3-5 dies Ostium contra ostium
FEDEX 4-6 diebus
tabellarios 10-25 diebus
per Air Mediam sectam ut 100-500pcs Per planum 3-5 dies Aeroportus ad aeroportus VEL ostium contra ostium
per mare Causa magna ut in ordine 100pcs
Oriens Asia:15 diebus
Southeast Asia: XV diebus
South Asia: XV diebus
Medius Oriens: 15-20 diebus
Europa: 25-30 diebus
Americae: 30-35 diebus
Portus portus 10 VEL ostium portae

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